After trying our own hand at renting out our second home and handling everything ourselves, finding Parker Property Management was a blessing.  Mr. Parker handled everything.  I had many questions and concerns before we signed on with his service, and he answered every question I had and some I didn't even think to ask.  Having them handle all the details that come with being a landlord and renting out a property was the best decision we could have made.  As a licensed Property Manager, the company had the ability to run credit reports, police reports, references, etc... on prospective tenants that we could not.  Late night phone calls?  Not anymore-all tenant calls go to him.  Trouble getting the rent on time?  Not anymore, Mr. Parker handled all payment collections and enforced on-time payments or late fees if rent was late.  Have to go to court?  Mr. Parker handles that too.  Automatic on-time direct deposit to our rental house account, detailed invoicing, end of the year overview summary along with all records required for our tax needs, I can't think how it could have been any simpler.  Plus the fees are a tax deduction, and you can never have too many tax deductions!  

There are too many benefits to having Parker Property Management represent you as a landlord to list.  It allowed us to keep our privacy & we were never inconvenienced.  I would recommend this company highly to anyone looking to have a professional experienced manager take over your properties.  We were fortunate to find them, and I thank Rob Parker for all his hard work and help along the way.  Best of Luck in all your future endeavors.




Danny & Janet Hagen

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